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Opinions: Blaming Facebook for data leak is easy but wrong

With majority of news channels and other media largely targeting and blaming Facebook for the entire scandal, it isn’t really unwise to talk about the other side of the story. Facebook continues to insist that all the data that was ‘inappropriately’ used to collected from the users with their explicit consent. Kogan’s app “thisisyourdigitallife” was launched as his personal project and Facebook users ‘willingly’ gave up their personal data to the app, not knowing what the consequences were going to be. Zuckerberg did argue that Cambridge Analytica was warned to delete all the inappropriately obtained user data and not to use it, but the blunder that they made was to think that this would be enough. Discipline needs to be enforced when it doesn’t exist, it cannot just be requested. Guess Facebook just had to learn this the hard way.