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Claim charts are an essential artifact during any patent licensing or enforcement campaign, as it articulates the infringement theory in an easy to understand and difficult to refute format. Moreover, claim charts may evolve throughout a campaign, as new evidence is discovered during fact discovery, and the infringement positions become consolidated pre-trial.

We know what it takes to win.

Copperpod has helped plaintiff attorneys prepare detailed infringement contentions and evidence of use Claim Charts on over 100 patent litigation matters.


We understand the burden of proof our clients must satisfy - and work hard to make sure that our claim charts are not only thorough, on time but also explain technical concepts fully through easy-to-understand expert comments.​

Real-World Expertise. Next-Level Ethic.

Whether it is multimedia delivery networks, consumer electronics or medical devices, our experts possess the niche expertise and the best resources to to bolster your infringement positions.


We work with clients throughout the case so that our Evidence of Use reports, Claim Charts and Infringement Contentions explore all the different aspects of infringement, and consistently align with the case facts.

Data Processing

Indirect Patent Infringement

What is it and how to prove it?

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When Do Claim Charts Do More Harm Than Good For Patent Litigation and Licensing?

industry worker

Copperpod's claim charts enable enforcement of Industrial IoT patents.

Computer Processor


Copperpod helps patent owner enforce firmware generation patent against 35 System-On-Chip (SoC) Manufacturers.

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