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What is a trade secret?

A trade secret is any information used in commerce that the owner has taken reasonable measures to keep secret, from which the owner derives independent economic value and such information not being readily ascertainable by the public. Such trade secrets are afforded legal protection against theft as long as the owner continues to derive commercial value from it (as opposed to patents which usually only provide up to 20 years of protection).

Our trade secret management and enforcement helps companies protect their competitive advantage through trade secrets and their trade secrets through technology.

DEFINE commercially valuable trade secrets owned by the company, the date of origination, creators as well as employees and vendors that have been given access to individual trade secrets.

MARK documents that contain trade secret information providing ample notice to a recipient of the confidential nature of the document.

DISSEMINATE to all current and new employees and vendors the nature and importance of trade secrets that will be disclosed to them, and insert trade secret provisions in contracts.

MONITOR continuously the activities and association of current and former employees and vendors with competitors and litigate when necessary.

We have also leveraged our source code review capabilities to help clients achieve success in several high-tech trade secret cases covering:

  • Power Management

  • Enterprise Software

  • Embedded Systems

  • Web Browsers and Applications

  • Cryptography

  • Data Compression

  • Content Management Systems

  • Video Surveillance Systems

  • Image Processing

  • Semiconductor Memory Management