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Source Code Review

We understand the critical importance of thorough examination and analysis of source code in patent disputes. Our expert team specializes in providing comprehensive source code review services tailored to the unique needs of patent litigation cases.


Our Services Include:

  • Code Comparison
    Identifying similarities and differences between the patented technology and the accused codebase.


  • Infringement Analysis 
    Assessing whether the accused code infringes upon the asserted patent claims.


  • Expert Testimony
    Providing expert witness testimony and reports to support litigation efforts.

Right Expertise. Right Tools.

We use highly specialized tools and software that make the review process as efficient as possible - while ensuring that no relevant evidence is overlooked.

Push Your Infringement Positions Forward.

Building upon the source code evidence, our consulting experts work closely with expert witnesses and litigators to supplement patent infringement contentions, prepare exhibits for expert reports and refine technical arguments for depositions and trial.

Coding Station

Our code reviewers are proficient in all modern programming languages and platforms - and continuously update their skills as technology and methodologies continue to evolve.

  • Java

  • C/C++

  • Objective C


  • Swift

  • PHP

  • Javascript

  • Assembly

  • SQL

  • Matlab

  • VHDL

  • Verilog

  • Python

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Typescript

  • R

We have leveraged our source code review capabilities to help clients achieve success in several high-tech cases covering:

  • Enterprise Software

  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/aD

  • IEEE 802.15 Bluetooth

  • 2G/3G/4G Telecommunications

  • Android/iOS/Symbian Mobile Operating Systems

  • UNIX/Linux/Windows/MacOS Operating Systems

  • Embedded Systems

  • Web Browsers and Applications

  • Cryptography

  • Data Compression

  • Content Management Systems

  • Video Surveillance Systems

  • Image Processing

  • Semiconductor Memory Management



Best Practices for a Successful Source Code Review

At the heart of every patent dispute lies the source code, embodying the technical foundation of the invention in question. Conducting a rigorous and comprehensive review of this critical evidence plays a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of legal battles and safeguarding intellectual property rights.


Drawing on insights from experienced intellectual property attorneys, technical experts, and industry veterans, we delve into a comprehensive set of guidelines for both legal teams and technical specialists.

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