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Damages Assessment

Copperpod specializes in providing expert damages calculation services tailored for patent attorneys. Our mission is to equip legal professionals with the insights needed to evaluate patent litigation and licensing outcomes effectively.​

Precision Through Industry Benchmarks


We understand that accurate damages assessment begins with benchmarking against industry standards. By leveraging comprehensive industry benchmarks, we ensure that our calculations are not only precise but also relevant to the specific technology and market dynamics involved.​

Technical Apportionment for Fair Assessment


Every patent infringement case is unique. Our team excels in technical apportionment methodologies that ensure fair and equitable damages assessments. We meticulously dissect the contribution of patented technology within the overall product or service to determine a fair and justified compensation figure.

Utilizing CAGR and Economic Frameworks


Central to our approach is the use of Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and other economic frameworks. These tools enable us to project future earnings potential accurately, helping patent attorneys assess which cases hold the highest returns potential for their clients. Our detailed economic analyses provide a clear picture of the financial impact of patent infringement, guiding strategic decisions with confidence.​

Comprehensive Legal and Economic Expertise


Backed by a team of legal and economic experts, Copperpod combines rigorous legal analysis with advanced economic modeling. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that our damages calculations stand up to scrutiny in court, supporting your litigation strategy with robust evidence and expert testimony.

Strategic Insights for Informed Decision-Making


Beyond numbers, we offer strategic insights that empower patent attorneys to make informed decisions. Whether you’re negotiating licenses, evaluating potential infringement claims, or strategizing patent portfolios, our services provide the clarity and foresight needed to navigate complex legal landscapes effectively.

Join 400+ patent attorneys who trust Copperpod.

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