Copperpod analyzes existing hardware and software systems and processes owned by the seller to provide you a clear and detailed view of the seller's architecture, growth plans and the investment that such growth will require.

1. Architectural Overview

2. Hardware owned/leased

3. Different languages and skills required for scaling the products
4. Developer documentation, agreements and manuals
5. Third Party tools and platforms used
6. Version Control and Backup Policies
7. Information Security and Storage

8. Ongoing or Planned Migrations

9. Alternative Products


Copperpod conducts a deep review of software products to provide key metrics on code quality - helping clients assess their investment on the following four parameters:





In particular, we raise red flags based on the following important metrics:

1. Code-to-Comment Ratio (for maintenance, bug-fixing and on-boarding of new developers)
2. Code Complexity (bench-marked against industry averages)
3. Copyright, Confidentiality and Authorship markings
4. Open Source to Proprietary Code Ratio (how much of the product is truly innovative?)
5. Restrictive and Conflicting Licenses (for example, using certain open source modules may require the entire product to be open source and made available to the public in source code form) 

Is your target seller using open source software in his product?

Does the seller comply with licenses that govern their product?

What are Copyleft restrictions on the seller's products?

Using open source software often comes with a host of not only security risks, but also legal obligations. Copperpod helps clients make an informed assessment of how much source code in a software is truly proprietary; and obligations that the seller must fulfill for long-term sustainability of the product.


An accurate assessment of a company's intellectual property is seldom straightforward. Our intellectual property audit investigates existence, ownership and market potential for all patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property owned by the seller.

Open Source Issues Highlighted In $10+ Million Investment

Copperpod consultants helped a German service corporation conduct pre-investment M&A due diligence and open source advisory and understand open source liabilities to make an informed decision on their investment.

Portfolio Due Diligence Validates Post-Acquisition Synergy

Copperpod consultants helped a top telecommunications company compare buyer-side and seller-side portfolios in 10 IoT technology areas and identify IP whitespace for the combined entity.

Multi-Billion Dollar Acquisition Approved Amid Antitrust Arguments

Copperpod consultants helped a renowned New York based law firm analyze over 50,000 patents owned by 10 Fortune 500 companies across 10 technology areas to show post-acquisition changes in the competitive landscape.

Copperpod is one of the world's leading technology research and forensics firms, with an acute focus on management and monetization of intellectual property assets. With offices in US and Asia, our global team of consultants has helped clients realize over $1 billion in revenues from patent licensing, jury verdicts and patent portfolio transactions.

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