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What is Reverse Engineering (RE)? 

Reverse Engineering is a method by which an object is deconstructed for exploring its design, architecture, code and components. It is done to get the information about the components used in making the object. It can be applied to hardware, software and even to plant or animal DNA.

Teardown Reverse Engineering

Copperpod helps attorneys dig deep into technology products and find evidence of patent infringement through reverse engineering, product testing and network packet capture. Our RE services have been relied upon by leading trial attorneys for negotiating over a dozen settlements and royalty agreements on behalf of technology clients.

Copperpod helps attorneys evaluate patent infringement and uncover hard-to-find evidence of use through public documentation research, product testing and RE techniques outlined above. Please contact us at to know more about our capabilities.


RE Case Study: Copperpod Helps Patent Owner Enforce Firmware Generation Patent Against 35 System-on-Chip (Soc) Manufacturers

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Electronic Circuit

Reverse Engineering and the Law: Understand the Restrictions to Minimize Risks

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Copperpod provides these services for software products, in order to uncover hard-to-find infringement evidence

Reverse Engineering Source Code

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