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Reverse Engineering

Copperpod IP helps attorneys dig deep into technology products and find evidence of infringement through reverse engineering, product testing and network packet capture. Our reverse engineering and network captures have been relied upon by leading trial attorneys for negotiating over a dozen settlements and royalty agreements on behalf of technology clients. Our capabilities include:

Product Testing

Using industry best testing techniques, our engineers set up typical use case scenarios involving target products and thoroughly test and document the use cases to show how typical users of the product infringe on a given patent claim(s).  Whether it is consumer electronics like smartwatches and smartphones, or enterprise solutions like videoconferencing systems, we design each experiment to closely match the real-world implementation - and show evidence through high resolution photographs. videos and/or attorney work product such as claim charts and expert reports.

Network Packet Analysis and Deep Packet Inspection

Using over 50 packet sniffing, penetration testing and information gathering tools such as Wireshark, Fiddler, BlueRanger and PacketRanger, our engineers capture, decode and analyze network interaction between systems to show in detail messaging protocols and content shared between different devices in real-world implementations - to show under-the-surface proof of infringement.


We can do such network packet analysis for virtually any network or protocol, including Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ad/ah Wireless LAN, 3G HSPA and HSPA+, Wimax and 4G LTE messaging, SSL/TLS, H.323, H.245, and other open as well as proprietary communication protocols in widespread use today.

Product Teardown and Identification

We can tear down electronics products such as smartphones, televisions, wearables, peripherals, etc. to reveal the internal circuity and IC packages that implement core functionalities of the products. Identifying each chip in the products helps our client conduct litigation discovery in the right direction as well as improve technical accuracy of their damages/royalty calculation.

Chip Decapsulation

Our engineers use state of the art RE techniques to decapsulate IC packages in order to reveal the technology and materials used in fabricating a given chip - as well as the general blueprint and major component blocks inside the chip. For many types of chips, we can perform active probe testing as well to show how these component blocks react to certain signals.

High Resolution Microscopy

In order to reveal the true structure of an IC chip, our engineers employ Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microsopy (TEM) and other similar techniques to show each individual layer in the chip. We partner with the leading testing laboratories across the country in order to leverage the best tools and the best expertise required for understanding and documenting the internal structure - while keeping costs of discovery low for the client.

Click Here  to know more about our reverse engineering services and a free consultation on feasibility, procedure and estimated costs of the analysis!

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