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Using industry best testing techniques, our engineers set up typical use case scenarios involving target products and thoroughly test and document the use cases to show how typical users of the product infringe on a given patent claim(s). Whether it is consumer electronics like smartwatches and smartphones, or enterprise solutions like videoconferencing systems, we design each experiment to closely match the real-world implementation - and show evidence through high resolution photographs. videos and/or attorney work product such as claim charts and expert reports.

Product Testing
Network Testing

Using over 50 packet sniffing, penetration testing and information gathering tools such as Wireshark, Fiddler, BlueRanger and PacketRanger, our engineers capture, decode and analyze network interaction between systems to show in detail messaging protocols and content shared between different devices in real-world implementations - to show under-the-surface proof of infringement.


We can do such network packet analysis for virtually any network or protocol, including Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ad/ah Wireless LAN, 3G HSPA and HSPA+, Wimax and 4G LTE messaging, SSL/TLS, H.323, H.245, and other open as well as proprietary communication protocols in widespread use today.

Packet Sniffing
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