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  • LoRaWAN –The Future of IoT (Internet of Things)

    Introduction to LoRa Many IoT devices are generally cost and power-restricted for the Internet of Things (IoT). LTE-M (LTE-MTC [Machine Type Communication]) and Narrowband-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) were the options M2M and IoT networks are the primary application areas of LoRa. It addresses key Internet of Things (IoT) requirements like bi-directional communication, end-to-end

  • IoT-Based Glucose Monitoring Systems

    IoT devices are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to bring intelligence and The usage of IoT tracking in medical surroundings is also referred to as “indoor GPS”. The future of IoT in healthcare with being a game-changer and the new IoT innovations will mobilize business References /iot-applications-in-healthcare

  • Is Embedded SIM (eSIM) a Solution For IoT Devices?

    These devices include mobile phones, tablets, digital watches, and IoT devices. IoT, is covering most of the technical and non-technical fields in today’s world like agriculture, smart and providing the advantage of design flexibility to designers, eSIM technology is making its way in IoT above in the article will add a boost to the infrastructure required for 5G standard services like IoT His areas of interest are Wireless Communication, Internet of things (IoT), Embedded systems, 3D-Prototyping

  • Patent Alert: WINDGO granted IoT wearable products patent having sensing and response components

    Would you mind wearing a smart wearable product (such as Smart Bandages, Diapers, and/or Socks) having a sensor and a dispensing unit to release a predetermined amount of medicament controlled through a Smartphone? US patent US10376423 granted to Newtonoid Technologies, LLC – WINDGO’s Intellectual Property holding company, discloses a system for monitoring characteristic of biological material of the user using smart wearable product (Smart bandages, Diapers, and/or Socks). The system includes an analysis portal and a pad. The analysis portal includes a sensing portion comprising a sensor (temperature sensors, optical (e.g., blood oxygen, spectroscopy), blood alcohol sensors, bacteria sensor, olfactory sensors (e.g., conducting polymer sensor), other biosensors and/or any other sensors), and an investigation portion comprising a computing device having a health screener. The pad has a vibrating motor, and the vibrating motor is selectively activated to provide vibrations to the user when the wearable product is within a predetermined distance from the pad. The sensing portion of the analysis portal comes into contact with a biological material of the user. The health screener is configured to determine at least one characteristic of the biological material (biological fluid and/or sample). The analysis portal further comprises a dispensing unit, the dispensing unit comprising a bladder for holding a medicament, wherein the dispensing unit is configured to release a predetermined amount of medicament based on an evaluation of the at least one characteristic of the biological material. The computing device initiates an alert based on the at least one characteristic of the biological material and the alert is sent on the user’s smartphone. #patents #technology #emergingtech #electronics

  • LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) Technology: Next Step for the IoT Ecosystem

    (NB-IoT). IoT devices which require high mobility and low data rate such as event-triggered location tracking IoT Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a 3GPP Release 13 feature that uses various principles The NB-IoT supports eDRX and PSM as is done by LTE-M. Smart Energy Meters are also ideal for NB-IoT technology.

  • Evolution of Emergency Call Handling Protocols

    IoT Hurricanes and floods, for example, can occasionally hinder emergency response teams from accessing If IoT devices were present in these regions, however, they would be able to broadcast signals and relay Further, scaling such AI, blockchain or IoT-based solutions throughout a city for emergency management

  • Evolution of Bluetooth

    version, has been a hot issue among developers and customers due to its promising internet of things (IoT the basis for IoT devices. Aside from the IoT enhancements, Bluetooth 5 is two times faster, has a four-fold increase in range, This allows complex Bluetooth apps to be integrated into many IoT devices. Despite this, the requisite data-exchange turnaround time for IoT devices is met at this pace.

  • Digital Twin - What is the Future?

    As companies continue to aggressively pursue smart sensor technology and Internet of Things (IoT) technology The majority of this improvement is because of enhanced industry standards for communications between IoT IoT sensors, both embedded and external, are becoming more accurate, cheaper, and more powerful. Some software companies are making significant investments in cloud-based platforms, IoT, and analytics Industrial IoT: Industrial firms with digital twin implementation can now monitor, track and control

  • NVIDIA + Arm - The Anatomy of A Semiconductor Beast

    tech provider of silicone IP for chips that remain the core of billions of devices, and its complete IoT Along with that its IP is essential for data centers, PCs, and IoT devices. His interest areas are Internet of things (IoT), Semiconductor, Operating Systems (Android/iOS/Windows

  • 5G Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

    Intelligent home automation, Self-driving cars, Industrial IoT, Smart traffic management, and Smart healthcare 6.

  • Federated Learning - Decentralized Deep Learning Technology

    IoT (Internet of Things) Sensors are utilized in contemporary IoT networks, such as wearable technology Additionally, the majority of research typically focuses on IoT, healthcare, etc.

  • Wi-Fi 6: Benefits, Top Players and Compatibility

    Wireless communication devices such as IoT, Smartphones, VR headset, operating over the internet, demand bandwidth-demanding apps, games, and videos running on laptops and smartphone, and Internet of Things (IoT IoT devices utilize transfer of small data packets and share the same airspace with audio and video traffic In dense environments where several IoT devices and other Wi-Fi supported devices are connected, better This clearly shows that Wi-Fi 6 products (routers, access points, IoT devices and/or smartphones) are

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