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Copperpod's Technology Audit relies on the following key information in order to gather a holistic account of a company's technology assets:

  • Samples of all of the products of the company and all supporting documentation and past versions 

  • Details about products currently being developed 

  • Detailed technical architecture of all the products developed or being developed

  • Copies of all agreements which convey, assign or otherwise transfer any past, present or future right, title or interest in the Intellectual Property rights of the company to any third party including, but not limited to sales, licensing and development agreements

  • List of all the Intellectual Property rights of any third party that is incorporated into, appears in, or is otherwise associated with any of the products or services that the company currently sells, offers for sale, or maintains or is in the process of developing for sale

  • List of all products or services currently sold or offered for sale by the company in which open source code appears

  • All source code information for each of the company’s products or services including, but not limited to, the code itself, all annotations, related documentation and all information in any source code repository

  • All UAT and SLA documents of products and services being offered

  • Change Management process and procedures

  • Copies of all Intellectual Property rights escrow (e.g., source code escrows) agreements under which the company has deposited source code or to which the company is a party or a beneficiary

  • List of all United States and foreign patents of the company including patent number, issue date, inventor(s), title, dates on which maintenance fees were paid and identity of parties paying maintenance fees

  • List of all United States or foreign copyright registrations owned by the company

  • List of all registered and unregistered trademarks, servicemarks, and domain names of the company

  • Details about any actual or threatened litigation involving the Company’s Intellectual Property rights or the company’s alleged infringement of any third party’s Intellectual Property rights

  • Confirmations that the company has not disclosed any knowhow, trade secrets or customer lists to any third party other than subject to confidentiality agreements of which details have been disclosed

  • Confirmations that the company owns or has the right to use all Intellectual Property rights required in connection with the conduct of its businesses as presently carried on expected to be carried on in the future

  • List of all hardware, servers, storage devices owned and managed by the company 

  • List of all software, licenses, security systems, email software, CRM tools, payroll and internal client management tools, database management system, storage management 

  • Detailed network set up of the company 

  • Details on  company's internal IT acquisition, maintenance, backup and disposal policiess

  • Company software, hardware and IT security compliance and audit details

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