• Piyush Pathania

What is Node.js?

Before interpreting the concept of Node.js, it is important to have some fundamental understanding of JavaScript. JavaScript is commonly used as a part of web pages whose implementations allow client-side script to interact with the user and make dynamic pages. The execution of JavaScript files is done via an engine which is developed by the JavaScript developers and these engines are different for every browser, for e.g. Google Chrome has a V8 Engine that takes any JavaScript file and executes the command present in the file.

Now, these engines can only access the DOM (Document Object Model) elements of the web page and are restricted to other contexts like the file system, memory, network, etc. To make more use of the JavaScript language, some developers extracted the V8 engine from Google Chrome and provided the access to the context elements. The access to the V8 engine makes JavaScript to work or behave like a C or Java language.