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  • 10 Prior Art Search Mistakes That Undermine Your Inter Partes Review

    An IPR petition may be filed by any person who is not the patent owner and who has not filed a civil IPR proceedings are available 9 months after the grant date for patents issued under the AIA first-to-file rules, and for all patents filed before the first-to-file rule took effect. before the effective filing date of the claimed invention.” 2. The filing date of a patent is the date on which the patent’s own application was filed.

  • Patent Monetization: Leveraging Technology For A Greater ROI

    The major motivation for these intellectual property rights was to leverage the first mover advantage In light of this, society coupled with the financial industry empowered with the evolving legal regime For example, Texas instruments is believed to be the first company to monetize in the 1990s its portfolio The infringer can also file a complaint for declaratory judgement against the plaintiff. · Trials occur You need an experienced firm at your disposal to help you glide through the process.

  • Patent Alert: PayPal Patent Can Protect PCs From Ransomware Attacks

    The first method described in the patent suggests an alert system that triggers when a program is attempting The alternative method talks about duplicating the unaffected original file and saving it at a remote #paypal #technology #patents #fintech #emergingtech #electronics

  • Defensive Code Review: Fight Fire With Fire

    patent litigation on the whole decreased by over 13% - while NPEs in general increased their share of filings America Invents Act and Alice-related decisions failed to rein in the number of case filings, contrary However, one effect the America Invents Act and Alice did have is that plaintiffs, especially NPEs, find should be compelled to produce their code from around the time or before the asserted patents were filed Given that code productions can be fairly large – running into millions of lines, thousands of files,

  • Decoding Apple Pay

    Apple hopes to bring its current $28B Apple Pay business to $40B by the end of fiscal year 2020. The first and foremost challenge to get people to use an ‘app’ for payments is to promise security. It uses NFC (Near Field Communication), the same technology used by all contactless payment providers It is a certified chip running the Java Card platform and complies with financial industry requirements #apple #applepay #cryptography #fintech #electronics #licensing #patents #software

  • Untangling the Microsoft Mesh Platform

    Mixed Reality, Holoportation, Holographics— terms only used when we have sci-fi discussions referring The people missing the in-person social interactions, meet-ups like concerts, and fitness training are Additionally, native rendering of 3D file format is possible on Mesh-enabled apps. The above figure illustrates an example of shape units of a 3D head model. Mark Zuckerberg revealed at the fittingly virtual event that Facebook is going to launch “the next step

  • PayPal Accuses Paytm of Trademark Infringement in India

    On November 18, 2016, PayPal Inc. filed an objection at the Indian Trademark Office accusing Paytm of to over 7 million a day and a 10-fold increase in the amount of money added to Paytm accounts in the first like PayPal – with ample legal resources at hand – would wait right until the end of the window to file The color tones while not identical – are undoubtedly similar – the first syllable is a darker shade #trademarks #fintech #paypal #paytm #news

  • Patent Invalidity Search: New Approaches to Prior Art Search

    The patent invalidity search is performed to find the relevant published literature (including patents products, manuals, and even university theses), videos, and/or products available before the priority/filing New Approaches to Find the Right Prior Art 1. the best prior art within that final set. majority of them filed by residents.

  • Biggest Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Patents

    Licensing usage rights, like selling a patent, does not ensure financial success. The filter options on this website are one of its best features. IP Trader - IP Trader, a full-service firm that assists corporations, law firms, colleges, governments investors, or running firms. Transactions IP - If you own a patent, you've finished your work as an inventor.

  • Protein Supplement - What are its Ingredients and Is it Safe to Consume?

    Let's look at some of the most typical ingredients in protein powder, which range from fillers to food Having said that, these milk proteins include a lot of lactose, a milk sugar that many people find difficult Read more to know about INS (International Numbering System (INS) for Food Additives) Fillers (INS 400 -499) Many protein supplements have fillers like psyllium, cellulose, or coconut flour added by producers Early in 2018, the findings of research in which over 130 of the most popular protein powders were tested

  • Federated Learning - Decentralized Deep Learning Technology

    History of Federated Learning Google first used the phrase "federated learning" in a paper published The automotive industry is a prospective field for federated machine learning applications. In China, there are five major categories into which AI businesses often fall. This implies that regardless of where you are, you can find solutions quickly. However, other application fields, like food delivery systems, virtual reality applications, finance,

  • ChatGPT by OpenAI - An AI Chatbot

    quickly than ever in recent years, thanks to a new generation of generative AI programs that produce art, films It is reported that the bot, like Tay, came under fire for spreading false information, such that Donald This technique employs human preferences as a reward signal to fine-tune the models. To train the OpenAI’s supervised learning baselines, developers first compile a dataset of human-written Finally, they optimise their GPT-3 policy to maximise this reward using the Proximal PolicyOptimization

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