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Copperpod's Response To COVID-19 Coronavirus

To Customers, Advisors and Friends With COVID-19 becoming a pandemic and affecting daily lives across the world, I would like to apprise you personally on how Copperpod is fulfilling its responsibility for keeping our customers, consultants and partners safe and productive. Copperpod's consultants are distributed across US, India and Asia-Pacific. In addition to our follow-the-sun approve to project delivery, this helps us ensure business continuity in times of disaster. Being a majorly remote workplace, we have deeply leveraged IT infrastructure that enables us to work from home, on the move, or at customer locations seamlessly.

We are following the spread of COVID-19 closely and have initiated a number of steps in this regard: 1. Ceasing all business travel for 3 weeks until greater visibility on control and cure for COVID-19.

2. Daily health monitoring for all employees, through contact-less thermometers.

3. Direct reporting to the CEO of daily health status of consultants, partners and other employees.

4. Shifting non-critical work to our delivery center in India, where there is as yet minimal exposure to the virus.

5. Provision of work from home for all employees, should the need arise.

6. Hourly sterilization of door handles, building amenities and public areas.

7. Coordinating activities and monitoring with other companies in our premises to ensure prompt notification of any exposure.

We are committed to your safety and good health, and thank you for your confidence in our analyses, advice and ability to strengthen intellectual property campaigns.

Rahul Vijh Chief Executive Officer


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