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Multimedia Patent Licensing and Patent Litigation


The rising use of the internet for data and media transmission and heightening consumer interest in video on demand (VOD) and OTT platforms for entertainment have sown the seeds in the content delivery network (CDN) industry globally. The CDN market is segregated into media delivery, web performance optimization, DRM and transcoding, monitoring and analytics, transparent caching, data security and cloud storage by solution. 

Rich media and video content applications have climbed tremendously in the past decade, resulting in exponential growth for the CDN market. CDNs not only improve speed and quality for video content and streaming, they also provide high levels of reliable security in terms of scalability, owing to lower costs of data storage and the outsourcing of content management. 


In view of IP protection in the media and broadcasting industry, the shielding and enforcement of intellectual property has gained high importance. IP is not limited to technology companies but it is treasured for every business which invests huge sums in research and development for creating indigenous products. Out-licensing patented technologies is a vital part of the intellectual management and to induce more revenues.

Copperpod provides Patent Portfolio Analysis, Infringement Claim Charts, Prior Art Search, Product Testing and network packet capture through packet sniffing, penetration testing and information gathering tools such as Wireshark, Fiddler, BlueRanger and PacketRanger. Copperpod’s experts are well versed in computer based interactive technologies such as OTT platforms, PlayReady, WideVine, FairPlay etc. Copperpod also provides Source Code Experts to review software source code in order to uncover hard-to-find infringement evidence. 


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