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  • Determining Patent Quality for Patent Licensing and Acquisitions

    Backward Citations - Patent citations are the references defining technology already known within either There is no set pattern or formula to determine the strength based on the number of citations, but we can say if forward citations are more and backward citations are also more, then the subject patent If forward citations are less and backward citations are more, then the subject patent a low strength Therefore, the more the number of forward citations, the more is the subject patent strength.

  • Patent Valuation: How Much is Your Patent Really Worth?

    Academic research implies that a patent's forward citation count – and other patent-related features These algorithms commonly rely on citation velocity, forward and backward citation counts, and claim to a patent owner, such as a list of companies that cited the patent-at-issue, the number of forward citations algorithm might value the patent-at-issue at $2 million if a set of related patents has five forward citations per million dollar of value and the patent-at-issue has ten forward citations.

  • What is a Patent?

    Citations (Forward and Backward) Traditionally, patent examiners used patent citations to discover relevant Patent citations are references to existing technologies that can be found in patents or other scientific They're pretty similar to the citations you'd find in a research paper. Backward and forward citations are the two most common types of citations. A backwards citation refers to prior art found in a patent, whereas a forward citation refers to the

  • 12 Design Patent Search Strategies

    Patent Citation Analysis Patent citations are sources that describe technology previously understood Thus, citations have been regarded as a noisy but valuable indicator.

  • Deciphering the PCT Application Process

    The international search report contains, among other things, the citation of the documents considered Citations of particular relevance must be indicated specially. Citations which are not relevant to all the claims must be indicated in relation to the claim or claims

  • Patent Invalidity Search: New Approaches to Prior Art Search

    Citation Traversal Analyzing backward citations of the asserted patent is important – yet seldom useful However, backward citations as well as forward citations can reveal other prior art on a deeper second-level analysis: Backward Citations of Backward Citations Other Forward Citations of Backward Citations Other Backward Citations of Forward Citations Similarly, the search can be expanded further to a third level work attributable to the inventors named on backward citations and forward citations, as well as on

  • Patent Monetization: Leveraging Technology For A Greater ROI

    Some Patent monetization strategies start with citation analysis to discover what companies own patents Reliance on citation may be misleading because the citations refer to a patent’s specification and not

  • Swiss Institutes Outmatch Oxford and Stanford in Patent Quality

    The analysis was based on 2 main criteria - technological impact ( number of citations of the patents

  • Air Taxi – Future of Transportation?

    Another terminology that has seen a lot of citations in the context to air taxis and is important to

  • Federated Learning - Decentralized Deep Learning Technology

    Patent Analysis Nearly one-third of all AI journal papers and citations worldwide in 2021 came from China

  • Design Patent - Requirements and Eligibility

    Citation Analysis Keyword-based search Product Videos (YouTube, Facebook, WebArchive, and other social

  • When Claim Charts Do More Harm Than Good For Patent Litigation and Licensing

    Make sure that every piece of evidence you have in the claim charts has a supporting source citation

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