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  • How much IP is there in a Football Game?

    In the northern states of America, there are three types of cool-season grasses that are used on the In the southern states, warm-season Bermuda grass and Bahia grass is primarily used. Due to these regulations, most football pitches are built of real grass, however they are occasionally The Qatar 2022 pitch contractor, Aspire Turf said that the American grass seed provides a more robust Without the proper grass seed, the playing surface wouldn't keep together in Qatar's environment and

  • LoRaWAN –The Future of IoT (Internet of Things)

    LoRaWAN Classes A, B, and C LoRaWAN is divided into the following three classes that run concurrently Class A: Class A is a completely asynchronous system, sometimes known as an ALOHA system. Class B: Messages may be transmitted down to battery-powered nodes using Class B. Within the 128-second cycle, all Class B nodes are allocated a time slot and notified when to listen. Class C: Class C nodes can listen indefinitely, and a downlink message can be transmitted at any moment

  • Protecting UI/UX Design Using Intellectual Property

    The amendment introduced Class 14-04 dedicated to ‘Screen Displays and Icons,’ amongst others. Prior to 2009, Microsoft was granted registration over some of its designs under Class 14-99, which is 14-02, a ‘Mobile Phone’ registered under Classes 14-03 and 14-04, and a ‘Display Screen with Graphical User Interface’ under Class 14-04. The Draft Rules 2019 claim to fully comply with the Locarno Classification in creating a Class 32 which

  • Protein Supplement - What are its Ingredients and Is it Safe to Consume?

    Some protein supplements end up adding more than 1,200 calories to a glass of milk. It could seem like an easy method to improve your health to mix protein powder into a glass of milk or

  • Are plastic straws finally on the way out?

    Rye grass stems and reeds (including bamboo) were explored by manufacturers in different markets - with rye grass stems enjoying considerable popularity. However, a common problem with using reed/grass stems was the reduced durability when the straws were By the 1940s, he was manufacturing flex-straws for hospitals which used glass and/or metal tubes - the Plastic quickly replaced paper, grass and metal in drinking straws almost entirely over the next decade

  • Countdown to Implementation: Unified Patent Court Set to Begin on June 1, 2023

    Cases involving mechanical engineering patents in IPC class F will be heard in Munich. The Paris Central Division will handle appeals for all other patent classes.

  • Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS): Understanding the Technology and its Patent Landscape

    A fiber optic cable is constructed of glass or plastic, so light impulses rather than electrical signals

  • What is Electrosurgery?

    A smoke-evacuation system and facial masks, protective glasses, and medical gloves can help reduce the

  • Semiconductor Lithography - Technology Overview

    process that transitions from highly complex circuit patterns drawn on a photomask made of a large glass

  • Introduction to International Numbering System (INS) for Food Additives

    It is important to remember that not all examples of a class fall into the given numeric range. Many have variable purposes, so an exclusive class range cannot be provided.

  • Design Patent - Requirements and Eligibility

    The Coca-Cola bottle US Design patent number 48,160, granted to the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute

  • Working Remotely @ Copperpod: Sumi Negi

    Mother is tied up with her household chores while my siblings are engaged with their online classes.

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