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Working Remotely @ Copperpod: Sumi Negi

Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted businesses and business practices around the globe. Due to ongoing lockdowns, teams are increasingly shifting to working from home which creates its own challenges (and of course, opportunities). At Copperpod, to keep our clients, our employees and partners safe and healthy through this crisis, we have been working hard and working remotely for more than 2 months. We asked our youngest team member, Sumit Negi, on how he manages his new work environment and how he continues to ensure our valued clients receive industry-best research on their patent enforcement campaigns.

How has the transition been to working at home - what worked and what didn't?

Working from home has turned out pretty well for me. I get my own space while working and I hardly face any difficulty as all the family members are tied up with their own work. There are no children in the house; which makes it easier. I get to live at my home back in my city which somewhat gives a relaxed state of mind among your closed ones for work. It has helped me to save a lot of time as earlier it used to take about 2.5 hours just in commute. The only thing that has troubled me so far is internet connectivity. My neighborhood gets choppy internet at times.

Do you have any new co-workers (roommates, partners, children, pets)?

I am home with my mother, sister and brother. Mother is tied up with her household chores while my siblings are engaged with their online classes.

Do you have a go-to activity to help you relax?

I listen to music and play games with my siblings. I am currently playing FIFA 19 and Assassin Creed Odyssey.

What is your best tip for working remotely?

Keep yourself engaged in your happy things if you are living alone. If you have someone living with you then interact with them like playing games, discussing any common topic to help you relax.

What are you binge watching through the lockdown?

I have been watching Indian epic Mahabharat with my family every night. I even watch Friends as it never gets old for me.

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