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Technology Assisted Review (TAR): Applications Beyond Legal Document Review

Tech-assisted reviews leverage cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to sift through massive datasets, extracting valuable insights and aiding decision-makers in making informed choices. From legal proceedings to product evaluations and beyond, the applications of tech-assisted reviews are proving to be a catalyst for increased efficiency, reduced workload, and heightened accuracy.

This article delves into the diverse applications of tech-assisted reviews across various industries, exploring how these innovative approaches are revolutionizing traditional review methods and paving the way for a future where decision-making is not just expedited but also significantly more informed.

  1. Legal Document Review: TAR is widely used in the legal field for the efficient and accurate review of large volumes of documents during legal proceedings, such as e-discovery in litigation cases. It helps identify relevant and responsive documents, reducing manual review time and costs.

  2. Compliance and Regulatory Investigations: TAR is employed in compliance and regulatory investigations to analyze and review vast amounts of data, including emails, financial records, and other relevant documents. It helps identify patterns, anomalies, and potential compliance breaches efficiently.

  3. Intellectual Property (IP) Management: TAR can be used in IP management to analyze patents, prior art, and patent landscapes. It assists in patent search and analysis, patent drafting, patent portfolio management, and infringement analysis.

  4. Data Breach and Cybersecurity Investigations: In cybersecurity investigations, TAR can aid in the identification of potential data breaches, suspicious activities, and the analysis of log files and network traffic. It helps quickly analyze large data sets to identify security incidents and assess the impact.

  5. Healthcare and Medical Research: TAR is utilized in healthcare and medical research for the analysis of medical records, clinical trials data, and research articles. It assists in data extraction, identification of relevant information, and literature reviews.

  6. Financial Analysis and Fraud Detection: TAR can be applied in financial analysis to review financial statements, transaction records, and other financial data. It helps in fraud detection, identifying anomalies, and analyzing patterns that may indicate financial irregularities.

  7. Patent Analysis: TAR is used in patent analysis to review and analyze patent documents, patent portfolios, and prior art. It helps in identifying relevant patents, assessing patent infringement, and conducting patent validity studies.

  8. Antitrust and Competition Law: TAR can be employed in antitrust and competition law cases to analyze large volumes of data, such as emails, contracts, and financial records. It assists in identifying potential antitrust violations, market manipulation, and collusive behavior.

  9. Environmental Compliance: TAR is utilized in environmental compliance to review environmental impact assessments, regulatory compliance documents, and scientific studies. It aids in identifying environmental risks, assessing compliance with regulations, and analyzing environmental data.

  10. Government and Public Records Analysis: TAR can assist government agencies and organizations in the analysis of public records, including government documents, legislative records, and public databases. It helps in information retrieval, data analysis, and decision-making.

  11. Insurance Claims Processing: TAR is applied in the insurance industry to review and process insurance claims. It helps in automating the review of claims documents, identifying fraudulent claims, and streamlining the claims processing workflow.

  12. Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions: TAR can be used in due diligence processes during mergers and acquisitions to analyze and review business documents, financial records, and contracts. It assists in identifying potential risks, liabilities, and synergies between the companies involved.

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