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  • Chandan Aggarwal

Patents for Students | Episode 2 | Eligibility Criteria to File a Patent

This is the second episode of our series on "Students and Patents - Intellectual Property" and this episode talks about the eligibility criteria for students to file a patent and the importance of patents for a student.

In the first video, we spoke about five important points that a student should know about.

1. Whether he/she is eligible to file a patent?

2. What does he/she need to do to obtain a patent?

3. How can the university help him/her?

4. How much does it cost to a student to get a patent?

5. How much money can he and the university make after getting a patent?

Now, to take it further, the first point is whether a student is eligible to file a patent application?

Absolutely Yes.

In fact, there is no law that defines an eligibility criteria on who can file a patent and who cannot. Literally, anyone can file an application to get a patent. The only rule set by the government is that a patent should essentially describe an invention or an improvement or modification to a previous invention.


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