• Rahul Vijh

Fake News: Patents To The Rescue?

2017 was undoubtedly a most interesting year for politics and media. POTUS Donald J. Trump continued to make all kinds (often the wrong kind) of headlines for his tirades against inaccurate journalism and misinformation. Across the world in India too, misinformation and inaccurate (and quite often even maliciously untruthful) journalism started to impact elections, popular morale and the effectiveness of governmental initiatives. "Fake News" hence became such a household term around the world that U.K. based Collins Dictionary chose "Fake News" as its 2017 Word of the Year.

“Fake news, either as a statement of fact or as an accusation, has been inescapable this year, contributing to the undermining of society’s trust in news reporting,” said Helen Newstead, Collins’ head of language content.