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FinTech Patent Litigation and Patent Licensing


Financial technology inventions guided by non bank structures are rapidly decoding the conventional banking and financial system leading to a massive shift by challenging the conventional business models, value chains. Promotion of more client-centric services and interactive approaches has massively enhanced the consumer experience paving the way for better opportunities by fintech developments enabling big and better understanding of designs of products and services. 


Blockchain technology has been revolutionizing financial technology to the effect that blockchain would be hitting US$ 20 billion by 2024 in addition to Artificial Intelligence (AI) increasing profitability by 39% by 2025. From electronic payment gateways revolutionizing payment methods to monitoring finances through budgetary apps and disrupting conventional business models through blockchains and cryptocurrency, Intellectual Property (IP) protection is a way that benefits fintech to recoup investment in R&D. 


Copperpod provides Source Code Review and Reverse Engineering services to help attorneys dig deep into technology products and find evidence of infringement through product testing and network packet capture. Our experts are well versed with 50+ packet sniffing, penetration testing and information gathering tools such as Wireshark, Fiddler, BlueRanger and PacketRanger to capture, decode and analyze network interaction between systems to show in detail messaging protocols and secured payment gateway protocols between different devices in real-world implementations - to show under-the-surface proof of infringement.

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