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  • Consumer Electronics | Copperpod IP

    accelerated growth and expansion with its categories including but not limited to Internet of Things (IoT Though a general slowdown was witnessed in the smartphone and IoT sector with equally promising wins Furthermore, advancements in the IoT devices such as smartwatches, smart speakers, home security systems

  • Telecom | Copperpod IP

    PHASE 1 ​ Copperpod identified 8 mid-size industrial electronics companies as well as consumer IoT device possible use cases for the infringement including virtual gateways with protocol conversion to the latest IoT

  • Wearables | Copperpod IP

    With the advent of IoT technology, a significant amount of power can be stored in small devices such

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  • LoRaWAN –The Future of IoT (Internet of Things)

    Introduction to LoRa Many IoT devices are generally cost and power-restricted for the Internet of Things (IoT). LTE-M (LTE-MTC [Machine Type Communication]) and Narrowband-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) were the options M2M and IoT networks are the primary application areas of LoRa. It addresses key Internet of Things (IoT) requirements like bi-directional communication, end-to-end

  • Is Embedded SIM (eSIM) a Solution For IoT Devices?

    These devices include mobile phones, tablets, digital watches, and IoT devices. IoT, is covering most of the technical and non-technical fields in today’s world like agriculture, smart and providing the advantage of design flexibility to designers, eSIM technology is making its way in IoT above in the article will add a boost to the infrastructure required for 5G standard services like IoT His areas of interest are Wireless Communication, Internet of things (IoT), Embedded systems, 3D-Prototyping

  • IoT-Based Glucose Monitoring Systems

    IoT devices are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to bring intelligence and The usage of IoT tracking in medical surroundings is also referred to as “indoor GPS”. The future of IoT in healthcare with being a game-changer and the new IoT innovations will mobilize business References /iot-applications-in-healthcare

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