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Gaming and VR Patent Litigation and Patent Licensing


The world is becoming virtual.


A reality created via software has opened a new realm of intellectual property disputes. In a world that is not rooted in physical reality, intellectual property laws are supreme. 

Patents play a significant role in the virtual reality (VR) and gaming industries. These industries are characterized by rapid technological advancements, high levels of competition, and a constant need for innovation. Patents provide a way for companies to protect their investments in VR and gaming technologies and to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their efforts.

One of the key ways that patents are used in the VR and gaming industries is to protect innovative technologies and concepts. For example, a company that develops a new VR headset design or a unique gaming controller can obtain a patent to prevent others from copying or using the invention without permission. This protection allows the company to maintain a competitive advantage and to ensure that it can recoup its expenses and make a profit from its innovation.


Copperpod’s Source Code Experts are proficient in all modern programming languages and platforms such as C, C++, Ruby on Rails, Python, VHDL, and many more. We have reviewed 1,000,000+ lines of code to supplement Infringement Contentions, prepare exhibits for expert reports, and refine technical arguments for patent and trade secret cases related to virtual reality HMDs, modern multiplayer games, gaming engines and gaming platforms - and are the world’s leading patent research authority on the subject.


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