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  • Patent Alert: IBM Awarded DLT Patent for Data Sharing and Validation

    Connected objects can be sensed and / or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure,

  • Donating Patents: What It Means and Why To Do It?

    represents a potential source of income and both sides can benefit from strengthening their research network Earning Profits Often firms release chosen core patents driven by financial motives, i.e. profiting by network the software business where firms have become aware of the capability of expertise and thoughts of networks In terms technological reasons, accelerating the innovation process and benefiting from networks are

  • Reverse Engineering and the Law: Understand the Restrictions to Minimize Risks

    (ECPA), sections 18 U.S.C. 2510, restricts interference of electronic communications flowing over a network Because packets are communications, network packet inspection may violate the ECPA. The ECPA is a complicated regulation, so if your research involves inspecting network packets, even if Copperpod’s dedicated go-to technical team also performs product testing and network packet capture through

  • State of Software Patents Around the World

    in computer technology in order to overcome a problem specifically arising in the realm of computer networks asserts that a computer administered invention is the one which includes the use of computer, computer network

  • What is DDR4 SDRAM and How Does It Work?

    three companies holding more than 100 patent families are Intel, Alibaba Holding and Shanghai Lianshang Network

  • Indirect Patent Infringement: What is it and how to prove it?

    Limelight Networks, Inc. - Akamai Technologies, Inc., owns a patent that covers a method for efficient Akamai filed a complaint against Limelight Networks, Inc., alleging both direct and induced patent infringement,%20Inc.%20v.%20Limelight%20Networks

  • Arista agrees to pay $400 million to Cisco

    Cisco and Arista have ended a 4-year-old legal conflict over networking patents. founded by former Cisco employees who were directly and confidentially familiar with Cisco’s patented networking its products and services based on new technologies, has merely taken a shortcut by using innovative networking

  • WiGig: Patents and Perspectives

    It is designed to promote significantly faster speed for wireless network connections and can be thought Beamforming efficiently enhances the uplink and downlink SNR performances as well as the overall network Multimedia streaming, gaming, and networking applications will also benefit. data, display, and audio applications that supplement the capabilities of today's wireless Local Area Network performing forward error correction in a wireless communication device in a wireless communication network

  • Analog-to-Digital Converters

    The reference voltage is given as an input to the comparator with the help of a resistive ladder network

  • The Evolution of USB (Universal Serial Bus) Standards

    products and find evidence of patent infringement through reverse engineering, product testing, and network Our reverse engineering and network captures have been relied upon by leading trial attorneys for negotiating

  • NVIDIA + Arm - The Anatomy of A Semiconductor Beast

    things (IoT), Semiconductor, Operating Systems (Android/iOS/Windows/Linux), Embedded Software and Sensor Networks

  • Robocalls: The END is near

    has been pushing for SHAKEN/STIR's adoption and has imposed the end of 2019 as a hard deadline for networks at AT&T and Comcast have claimed to complete the first SHAKEN/STIR call made between two different networks An originating service provider puts the call on the network and authenticates the caller ID information

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