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  • Is Embedded SIM (eSIM) a Solution For IoT Devices?

    The SIM cards were firstly sold to Radiolinja, which was a Finnish Wireless Network operator. At present, there are more than 200 network operators which have or are planning to launch eSIM services The carrier will send her a physical SIM card with their network-specific data stored in it. The carrier data is stored on the physical SIMs and devices need that data to access the network. Instead of using a physical SIM to send the data required to connect to the network, the carrier can

  • Blockchain Technology – Patents & Perspectives

    getting stored in a single place, gets stored across a variety of data servers that participate in the network log for the transaction made – which may be authenticated and validated by users participating in the network Miners are special types of nodes in a network that have dedicated themselves to the task of validating batches of these transactions called blocks, signing and broadcasting them to the rest of the network

  • Evolution of Bluetooth

    The architecture of Bluetooth Technology (IEEE 802.15 protocol) Piconet Network Piconet is a wireless Scatternet Network The Scatternet Network can be created using a variety of piconets. Bluetooth network technology establishes a personal area network by wirelessly connecting mobile devices The long-range modes provide network coverage of up to 800 metres. Furthermore, the signal range can be expanded by utilising mesh networks while consuming minimal power

  • Video Coding Standards and Algorithms - Evolution & Patent Analysis

    experience for existing video services and appropriate performance levels for new media services over 5G networks standards for video encoding, the simplicity of connecting analogue cameras employing video encoders to a network

  • Wi-Fi 6: Benefits, Top Players and Compatibility

    (mainly 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 standard), a family of radio technologies used for the wireless local area networking faster and uninterrupted internet and connecting more and more Wi-Fi compatible devices to a single network data packets and share the same airspace with audio and video traffic — which slow down a wireless network when a bunch of devices is connected to the network. A method for receiving an uplink frame in a wireless network is provided.

  • Electromagnetic Wave Absorbers – A Solution to Wave Pollution

    These are measured with the help of different analysers such as vector network analyser (VNA). The VNA measures the frequency response of a component or a network of components. The VNA measures the vector response of a high-speed signal to a network by applying a continuous wave

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

    products and find evidence of patent infringement through reverse engineering, product testing, and network Our reverse engineering and network captures have been relied upon by leading trial attorneys for negotiating

  • Understanding Miracast as a Wireless Display Technology

    media access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) protocols for implementing wireless local area network Miracast devices do not require any home network to exist for making paired connection. P2P, Wi-Fi Direct Application: Screen Mirroring Frequency allocation: 2.4GHz, 5 GHz Encryption: WPA2 Network products and find evidence of patent infringement through reverse engineering, product testing, and network Our reverse engineering and network captures have been relied upon by leading trial attorneys for negotiating

  • Digital Twin - What is the Future?

    With improvements in networking technology and security, traditional control systems can be leveraged Increased availability of powerful and inexpensive computing power, network, and storage are key enablers help city planners and policymakers in smart city planning by gaining insights from various sensor networks

  • Evolution of Emergency Call Handling Protocols

    Most Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) have a single emergency telephone number (sometimes known NG911 enables faster network communication and call load sharing between PSAPs.

  • What is SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy)?

    play an important role in the design of low cost, low power chipsets for non-traditional computers and networked over the lifespan of a patient Art - Micrographs produced by SEMs have been used to create digital artworks

  • Donating Patents: What It Means and Why To Do It?

    represents a potential source of income and both sides can benefit from strengthening their research network Earning Profits Often firms release chosen core patents driven by financial motives, i.e. profiting by network the software business where firms have become aware of the capability of expertise and thoughts of networks In terms technological reasons, accelerating the innovation process and benefiting from networks are

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