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  • Decoding HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) Standard!

    is secured by network security protocols (such as TLS, SSL etc.) This keeps the video running smoothly irrespective of the network change caused by bad network connections Moreover, it enhances the quality of the video as high as the network can support in such cases. The quality of the video is adjustable at any network speed. at available network speeds.

  • WiMax - Enabling Ubiquitous High-Speed Data Services

    other networks are all handled by the WiMAX core network. , or other networks. Access Network The base station connects the subscriber station and the core network. public networks, and business networks. In an all-IP network, Next Generation Network (NGN) ensures Quality of Service (QoS).

  • VirnetX Awarded $502.6 Million in Fourth Jury Trial against Apple

    The four patents-in-suit relate generally to creating Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections from cv-00417 case involved the following four patents: United States Patent No. 6,502,135, titled "Agile network communications with assured system availability" United States Patent No. 7,418,504, titled "Agile network link based on a domain name service (DNS) request" United States Patent No. 7,921,211, titled "Agile network #apple #patents #judgments #networks #electronics #news #licensing #software

  • LG and Ericsson Sign Global Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement

    #networks #telecom #patents #electronics #licensing #standards #5g #lg #ericsson #news

  • WPA3: Next-Gen Security for Next-Gen Internet of Things

    At whatever point we connect to a Wi-Fi network at home with the correct password, it protects the network It is designed to provide a level of security equal to Local Area Network (LAN) physical security components once a repeat happens it becomes easy to figure out what the message is being transferred over the network WPA3 provides enhanced security especially for public open Wi-Fi networks. #networks #wifi #cryptography #patents #security #telecom #electronics #licensing #software

  • Deception Technology - A Solution to Cybercrime!

    The system first scans the network for the sources which are connected to the enterprise network and the enterprise network and the Internet. can strike any network and can do severe damages to the network. They are continuously evolving and expanding through the network. , network security, computer security.

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) - Signalling Protocol for Internet Telephony

    It employs a request/response model to establish communications between network components and, eventually and redirection services, allowing users to keep a single externally visible identity independent of network SIP Network Server (Proxy, location and redirect): The Location Server in SIP communicates the current IP address of clients to the network's Redirect Server and Proxy Server. It acts as a link between VoIP and the public telephone network (PSTN).

  • Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) - State of the Art

    extraordinary cargo has been received, the twin Maglev monorails can either become part of a Maglev network or be salvaged and deployed in another similar network somewhere. Stability: ensuring that the system does not spontaneously slide or flip into a position where the lift is neutralized

  • Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) - A Visible Light Communication Internet Connectivity Solution

    Currently, Wi-Fi networks rely on Radio Frequency (RF) waves, but there is a constraint on the usage A high-speed Li-Fi network transmits data to a device (downlink), such as a laptop or a tablet, using technology is the superset of Visible Light Communication (VLC) that forms bidirectional, high-speed mobile networking Further, there are two more VLC networking standards formed by the Japanese, such as JEITA CP-1221 and Thus, Li-Fi technology provides a more efficient and secure network that can meet the future demand for

  • 5G Technology and Its Impact on Online Education

    5G technology has increased the speed of the wireless network along with its responsiveness. It has been reported that the 5G network is 100 times faster when compared to 4G LTE systems – allowing Earlier people used to experience network issues while they were traveling and in remote areas. The blend of the right technology with a robust network has made advanced learning a possibility At present

  • What is Satellite Internet?

    Satellite Internet is a telecommunications network made up of orbital communication stations. Data is sent and received over a communication network that starts with your device and extends through Network Operations Center (NOC) Internet-Ready Device Any device that can connect to the Internet using This enables a two-way data connection between your dish and the NOC, or network operations centre. Network Operations Center (NOC) The NOC gets your request using a considerably larger satellite dish

  • Are Optical Switches (Transistors) The Logical Next Step?

    It's a multi-port network bridge that links numerous optical fibers and regulates data packet routing Optical switches are used in optical computing and fiber-optic communication networks to control light However, as the demand for higher bandwidths grows, it is evident that current optical networks will optical switch is a fiber optic circuit-based device that functions similarly to standard electrical network have the potential to be used for a variety of applications like improving fiber-optic communication networks

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