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  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics (RVD)

    Remote Vehicle Systems are connected to automobiles based on the requirements to communicate in-vehicle Introduction As today's automobiles improve, they grow increasingly reliant on the technological and Remote Vehicle Systems are connected to automobiles based on the requirements to communicate in-vehicle A hacker might utilise this attack vector to obtain access to any of the automobiles linked to the repair Gauss Moto (USA) Gauss Moto, a startup based in the United States, provides onboard automobile gateways

  • Augmented Reality (AR) in Car Navigation

    Conclusion AR technology in automobiles is going to flourish in the coming years. getting used to AR devices and glasses, the time is not far when AR assistance will be available in the automobile Many top automobile manufacturing companies have already started experimenting the AR technology in cars The HUDs (Heads up display) is the initial stage generation technology for automobiles. augmented-reality-ar-definition-4155104

  • Tesla Awarded Brand New Battery Patent

    #Tesla #automobiles #emergingtech

  • Patent Alert: Tesla's New Patent Application Proposes a Sunroof with Electric Tinting

    #patents #Tesla #automobiles #technology #emergingtech #electronics

  • Wireless Battery Charging Solution for Electric Vehicles (EV)

    Around 1.4 billion cars are running around the globe, and according to Statista, worldwide automobiles One adverse thing which also grows with the increase in the number of automobiles is air pollution. One cannot say that automobiles are solely responsible for degrading the air quality. Still, given the data above, it reflects that automobiles are major contributors to increasing air pollution due to the regular emission of carbon content from the fuel burnt inside the automobile engines.

  • What is EDX (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy)?

    Automobiles and Machinery Automobile Evaluation Instruments 3.

  • Airbags – Patent Analysis, Innovation, and Future

    have a huge application area in the marine and lifting industries also, this article discusses their automobile The airbag specifically for automobile use is credited independently to John W.

  • 5G Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

    rates will reflect in various user products such as home automation devices, healthcare devices, and automobiles

  • Digital Twin - What is the Future?

    Automobile: Digital Twins can be used in the automobile sector for creating the virtual model of a connected

  • Has Elon Musk Freed the Blue Bird (Twitter)?

    neurotechnology venture Neuralink and artificial intelligence business OpenAI and the CEO of electric automobile

  • Evolution of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

    especially air conditioners Trucks and mining equipment Naval ships and Pleasure Boats Diesel Locomotives Automobile

  • Working Towards a Greener Future - HyperSolar's Environment Friendly Hydrogen Generator

    The on-board hydrogen tanks used to power the automobile are both lighter, and can hold more energy than

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