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  • Augmented Reality (AR) in Car Navigation

    Why Augmented Reality (AR) in Navigation? How does Augmented Reality (AR) work? Augmented Reality (AR) in Car Navigation as an Application Advantages of using Augmented Reality (AR) Why Augmented Reality (AR) in Navigation? How does Augmented Reality (AR) work? As people are getting used to AR devices and glasses, the time is not far when AR assistance will be

  • Augmented Reality (AR) - The Future of E-Commerce

    AR innovation, 63% of customers say AR would change their shopping experience, 70% of buyers tend to Marker-based AR, also called Image Recognition or Recognition-based AR, identifies the object before This is the place where AR can reshape the retail universe. 1. perceive what a couple of glasses looks like on their appearances before making a purchase. 4. AR Is Changing The Future of E-Commerce Surely, AR is not going to be a faded trend in the future decades

  • Apple’s LiDAR Scanner for AR Platform - Future and Applications

    detect whoever is in front of the iPhone, even in low-light situations or if the person is wearing glasses Many AR apps are currently available on Apple's App Store, many of which are aimed at students. not detect it and instead overlays the AR object over the hand. To push augmented reality, Apple will launch a mixed-reality headset and augmented reality glasses in hearing aids by 2022, glasses by 2025, and contact lenses by 2030-2040.

  • Google Lens: For the Constantly Inquisitive

    Conclusion and Future Scope Google Lens with AR glasses will change the current scenario of seeing the Google is driven to create a system that combines Google AR glasses with Google Lens. While the user is looking at the menu, the Google AR glasses will instantly translate each item from

  • Reliance launches Jio Glass in India

    “Jio Glass” in India to enter into a new technology (Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Jio Glass currently supports 25 apps meant for video conferencing and online collaboration. wearable glasses to the public on May 15, 2014. Google Glass can be controlled using just “voice actions”. These spectacles are the closest analogy to the Jio Glass in terms of their functionalities.

  • Patent Alert: Sony's Prescription VR Glasses

    US20190101980A1 was published by Sony that describes a head mounted display and prescription glasses system in the HMD alone like their traditional headset, Sony decided to implement it in the prescription glasses This could eliminate the image distortions created by the lens of the prescription glasses as seen before The user information captured by the glasses is transmitted through a wireless signal to the HMD by the Electro optical elements such as infrared LEDs are implemented in the glasses to illuminate the user's

  • 5G Technology and Its Impact on Online Education

    Through live streaming, students experience learning substantively similar to that of the actual class The birth of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality 4G did not have good support for VR and AR applications With the birth of 5G, AR and VR received a new lease of life, including when these technologies are directed new recruits, to comprehend learning and imbibe the teachings in a more interactive format through AR This possibility was not present in a live class, however. 6.

  • Untangling the Microsoft Mesh Platform

    fittingly virtual event that Facebook is going to launch “the next step on the road to augmented reality glasses ” next year, a pair of smart glasses that falls short of AR capability. “We foresee that the helmet product will provide AR and VR experiences, while glasses and contact lens types of products are more likely to focus on AR applications,” Kuo writes in the note. https://news.microsoft.com/innovation-stories/microsoft-mesh/ https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/apple-glasses

  • Family Federation of World Peace sues World Peace and Unification Sanctuary over “12 Gates" TM

    iron’ which means ‘Word of God’ as discussed in the Book of Revelation is best exemplified with an AR Moon was attired in a golden crown of bullets with an AR-15 resting on the table in front of him. attention, the sanctuary church held a marriage vows renewal ceremony and asked participants to bring their AR the Parkland, Florida shootings that killed 17, had occurred only days back (which also involved an AR thank you dinner with President Donald Trump organized by the Wayne County Church involving the same AR

  • Smart Clothing - IoT gets even closer!

    ., Augmented Reality (AR), Cyber-Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain or edge computing devices that are adapted to the human body in order to be worn as accessories like smartwatches, smart glasses Nadi x has its exclusive application “Nadi x iOS” which optimizes each pose and curates personal yoga class

  • Digital Twin - What is the Future?

    AR/VR provides convenience and a sense of reality to the data obtained and compliments the benefits provided far beyond basic dashboards and standard visualization capabilities to include interactive 3D, VR and AR-based

  • Virtual Reality in Neuroscience - What is the Future?

    Virtual Reality offers a digital reproduction of real-life environments, whereas Augmented Reality (AR