Copperpod launches a half yearly report on "US Patent Litigation"

New York, NY: On 21st August, Copperpod announced its first half yearly report on "Patent Litigation at the U.S. District Courts" which presents keen insights on trends, venues, technologies and major players that shaped the patent litigation landscape in the first half of the year 2021.


“With China rapidly becoming a preferred jurisdiction for patenting as well as research, it is imperative for US to put even more faith in its patent system. 2021 has so far continued to push the pendulum further back in favor of inventors and patent rights, in sync with the post-Covid economic recovery, and we hope that the trends continue for at least a few more quarters,” says Rahul Vijh, CEO at Copperpod IP.


There were in total 1993 new patent infringement cases filed during January-June 2021, which was a slight increase as compared to 1980 new cases filed over the same period in 2020. This was driven largely by a small number of high-volume litigants. Notably, even though Covid-19 presented unprecedented challenges for businesses, courts and attorneys, the number of case filings has remained largely unaffected.

The report discusses the Top Venues, Most Active Plaintiffs, Top Defendants, Most Active Plaintiff Law firms for patent litigation in the US during January-June 2021. These categories were further elaborated on the basis of judges with busiest dockets, venue chosen by top plaintiff and key technology areas

  • Top Venues:
    Many districts that regularly hear patent cases have their own set of local rules. Some districts are known for the rapid pace at which they proceed to trial, while others tend to move at a slower pace. Therefore, one of the most important decisions plaintiffs take, early on in their enforcement campaign, is to select the appropriate venue for filing the case. The reports start with highlighting the plaintiffs most active in these top venues, the key technology areas in these venues and the judges with the busiest dockets.

  • Most Active Plaintiffs:
    The report shows that several plaintiffs remained most litigious throughout the first half of 2020 and 2021. It also highlights the venues chosen by the most active plaintiff along with key technology sectors.

  • Most Targeted Defendant:
    The report highlights the top defendants from Jan-June 2021. It also highlights some of the upcoming defendants along with their market sector and venues where they are being litigated.

  • Top Plaintiff Law Firms:
    While Covid 19 pandemic seems to have impacted the economies of business, there was no sizeable difference in the litigations. The report discusses the top plaintiff law firm along with some of the major technology focus areas for these firms.

To download a copy of the report, click here.

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