Copperpod welcomes Jatin Singla to the Operations Team

New York, NY: On 30th August, 2021, Copperpod IP announced that Jatin Singla will be joining the company as a Consultant. The team at Copperpod IP is excited to welcome Jatin in the operations team

Jatin will be bringing his experience and knowledge in Telecommunications, Energy and Infrastructure, Consumer Electronics and Computer Networks sectors, more specifically in Wireless Communication, Resource Management and Internet Of Things, to Copperpod IP.


During his Master’s, he wrote a thesis on E-Waste management. Most of the E-waste which is generated in Asia is disposed into the landfills along with solid waste without any segregation. It leads to contamination of soil with hazardous heavy metals. The thesis included the analysis of the soil of Dadumajra landfill, Chandigarh for the concentration of metals such as copper, zinc, iron, manganese by comparing it with the soil of other parts of the city.


Jatin's Ph.D. thesis is based on energy efficient resource management scheme for cognitive radio-based Internet of Things. This research area includes various energy efficient CH (Cluster Head) selection and energy harvesting techniques. This allows to make the wireless sensor networks and cognitive radio techniques to be energy efficient making the sensor network spectrum efficient. Some of his latest publications in various international journals are mentioned below:


  • Singla J., Mahajan R., Bagai D., 2017, E-waste polluting soil: a review, International conference on recent trends in engineering, science and management, NITTTR Chandigarh, pp.- 79-82

  • Singla J., Mahajan R., Bagai D., 2017, E-waste polluting soil: a review, International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 9(1), pp.- 29-33, ISSN: 2321- 2055

  • Singla J., Mahajan R., Bagai D., July-August 2017, Analysis of concentration of heavy metals in soil, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, vol.-3, issue-5, pp.- 191-195, ISSN: 2394-4099

  • Singla J., Mahajan R., Bagai D., 2018, A survey on energy harvesting cognitive radio networks, 6th IEEE International Conference on Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems (WECON), Chitkara University, Chandigarh, India, November 16-17, 2018


Jatin's educational experience and background:

  • Ph.D. in Electronics & Communication (specialization in Wireless Communication) from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India

  • Masters of Technology in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India

  • Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communications from Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering and Technology, Banur, Patiala, India