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What is Metaverse?


Table of Content

Introduction to Metaverse

What is Metaverse, in simple terms?

Ball's Theory

Zuckerberg's Idea

Some Different Versions of Metaverse

Metaverse and Cryptocurrencies

Patent Filing Trends of Metaverse Over Last 20 Years

Top 10 Countries Having Patent Related to Metaverse

Top 10 Technology Domains Related to Metaverse

Top 10 Players in The Metaverse Ecosystem

Cryptocurrencies Used in The Metaverse


Introduction to Metaverse

It isn't easy to comprehend the Metaverse because it doesn't exist yet!

The term was first coined in Neal Stephenson's dystopian sci-fi novel Snow Crash, published in 1992. The Metaverse, according to the book, is a collection of virtual and augmented realities centered around a super-long "Street" those individuals can stroll across as avatars and access via goggles and computers. Users of public terminals are depicted as a fuzzy black and white avatar, whereas private terminals are illustrated in full color and detail. Since then, the term "Metaverse" has come to refer to a wide range of activities to build a more permanent virtual world that permeates our daily lives.

People have been attempting to create immersive virtual worlds since the 1960s, a goal fueled by the cinema and game industries' attempts to create worlds. Second Life, an alt-reality game where users play through an avatar and may do just about anything — like buy a house or get married — was launched in 2003 and is one of the most-cited examples of Metaverse. It was such a realistic environment that there was even a thriving kink culture — it doesn't get any more practical than that. There were enough committed Metaverse specialists by 2006 to convene a summit. Many of today's evangelists would declare that we have the technology, protocols, and infrastructure to step on the gas and make it true for the first time. It's said to be the next logical step following mobile internet. It's said to be the future! Because the future is unavoidable, it must be positive, right?

To some extent, debating the meaning of "the Metaverse" is similar to "the internet" in the 1970s. The foundations of a new mode of communication were being put in place, but no one knew what the outcome would look like. While it was confirmed at the time that "the internet" was on the way, not every vision of what it would include was accurate.