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Find the BEST PATENTS that will stand the test of litigation
Patent Monetization

Not all patents are created equal. Patents across an industry and even within a given portfolio can vary widely in terms of scope, seminality and enforceability. Therefore any IP enforcement or patent monetization campaign necessitates not only a broad understanding of the portfolio and its applications but also a deep understanding of the most valuable assets of the the portfolio.

Our IP monetization team helps clients mine patent portfolios for the best patents in a given portfolio. This is achieved by combination of algorithmic approaches and expert technical review to rank each patent on parameters clients care most about. Our portfolio analysis provides not just results, but also confidence in an approach that has been continuously improved for over 10 years - and validated through successes in past licensing and litigation.

Our portfolio analysis is built upon a deeply researched algorithm based on over 40 parameters (a few given below) - and ranks each patent according to a highly customized PodRank.

No. of Independent Claims
No. of Dependent Claims
Length of First Claim
Type of Claims
Length of Specification

Backward Citations
Forward Citations
No. of Reassignments
Size of Family
Life Remaining

Length of Prosecution    
Industry Potential    
Ease of Detection
Past Litigation/Licensing
Expert Review Scores

The results and analysis are readily actionable. Once the most valuable assets of the portfolio are identified, our experts identify potential licensing/litigation targets that use the patented technologies and meet specific revenue/market profiles.

For each high-value asset and target products, Copperpod IP's patent monetization experts then collect evidence of use to build claim charts and other collateral necessary to launch an enforcement/monetization campaign that is engineered to be successful, coherent and cost-effective.

High Strength Memory Patents Identified For Future Acquisitions

Copperpod IP consultants helped a leading storage device manufacturer rank 4000 patents related to Helium/HAMR memory devices and identify the top 100 patents in the portfolio to start licensing talks.

Japanese Electronics Major Builds Fresh Monetization Strategy

Copperpod IP consultants helped a major Japanese consumer electronics and semiconductors conglomerate devise a strategy for licensing high-strength patents related to thermal printers and POS systems.

Cross Licensing For Prison Systems Patents

Copperpod IP consultants helped attorneys during an ongoing patent dispute to discover cross-licensing opportunities and compare plaintiff and defendant portfolios for a comprehensive licensing agreement.

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