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We are seeking guest contributors to enhance our relevant content with current, valuable information about topics such as FinTech, Energy & Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Mobile Applications, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Virtual Reality, Gaming, Automotives, Semiconductors, Legal, Multimedia, Intellectual Property, Consumer Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Wearables, Software, Computer Security and everything else that drives the world forward.  All content shared is intended to assist our community of readers to understand today’s technology, including how to invest in, apply, and benefit from it.


And clearly anything biased – racially, religiously, whateverly — will be terminated with prejudice. Ironic, in a way. Now you know how whomever you slighted feels.


So, are we good? Good. Let’s hug it out.

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  • Word Limit - 1,000 to 2,000 words. Longer blog post lengths provide more relevant information that readers can use and help bring them back to read more on our site.

  • If you intend to use external links for any third-party perspectives, evidence, and statistics, only use credible sources, including research studies and major publications. Please do not use Wikipedia.

  • Our editorial staff reserves the right to add rel=”nofollow” to any link or remove a link attached to words or images before or after publication.


NOTE: Please do not overly self-promote your own business and refrain from adding affiliate links. We will remove anything that we deem too promotional. Buying, selling, or trading links that appear in posts is strictly prohibited. Do not link to any questionable sources or industries.

SEO Best Practices:

  • H1, H2, and so on

  • Shortened titles in the meta title section

  • Alt tags for any images used in the blog post

  • No keyword linking

  • All quotes must be cited properly

  • If there is a link in the post that isn’t valuable to the reader, it’ll be removed.

We do NOT accept the following types of links in articles: Gambling, Casino, Drugs, Violence, Real Estate, Porn, Adult, etc. We reserve the right to remove any or all links in every post.


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Copperpod IP is a technology research and forensics firm, headquartered in New York, USA. It focuses on management, enforcement and monetization of intellectual property (IP) assets, including preparation of Claim Charts (Patent Infringement), Patent Portfolio Management, Source Code Review, Prior Art Search, Reverse Engineering, Trade Secret Enforcement and Technology Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisition(M&A). 


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