Copperpod works with small and medium sized enterprises, and their counsel, to identify and protect valuable innovation. Our prior art search experts understand new inventions and how the underlying technology has evolved, to vet the invention against all prior art to determine with specificity the novelty of the invention and make clear actionable recommendations on how to protect the invention throughout the patenting process.

Our prior art search covers more than 100 patent office databases around the world - including European, Japanese, Chinese and Korean patents - as well as all major non-patent literature and product databases.

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High Relevance Prior Art For Pharma Patent

Copperpod consultants helped Seattle identify primary and secondary prior art related to posaconazole drugs and prepare invalidity arguments for an ongoing lawsuit.

IPR Defense Against Hoverboard Troll

Copperpod consultants helped a boutique law firm collect prior art and prepare detailed invalidity contentions for an Inter Partes Review against a self-balancing personal transportation patent.

CT Startup Protects New Invention With Readily Monetizable IP

Copperpod consultants helped counsel and investors in a Connecticut-based startup and its  inventors understand prior art issues with ground breaking innovation in medical information systems.

Copperpod is one of the world's leading technology research and forensics firms, with an acute focus on management and monetization of intellectual property assets. With offices in US and Asia, our global team of consultants has helped clients realize over $1 billion in revenues from patent licensing, jury verdicts and patent portfolio transactions.

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