April 10, 2019

US20190101980A1 was published by Sony that describes a head mounted display and prescription glasses to be worn with it. Instead of incorporating the eye tracking system in the HMD alone like their traditional headset, Sony decided to implement it in the prescription glasses as well. This could eliminate the image distortions created by the lens of the prescription glasses as seen before. The user information captured by the glasses is transmitted through a wireless signal to the HMD by the emitter. This signal is in the form of pulses of data that carry the gaze information to the HMD. Electro optical elements such as infrared LEDs are implemented in the glasses to illumin...

September 30, 2018

Virtual Reality has come a long way -  From merely being a technology for the future, to actually  experiencing it at your disposal.

Until recent years, the concept was said to be way out of reach for the kind of graphical capabilities required for it. Of course, there were high end computers optimized for it, but they were very costly, so everyone couldn’t get their hands on it. But with the popularization of VR headsets, the dream of living in virtual reality didn’t seem so far fetched. One such console was the Playstation VR.  When Sony took a leap into this domain, they had a lot of expectations to meet. Oculus and HTC/Valve were already at the top of their game wit...

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