November 26, 2018

Imagine living in a home surrounded by devices ready to track every little move you make. I’m talking about every little detail that is physically noticeable to the human eye - ranging from the print on your t-shirt, to what you had for dinner on the weekend. Believe you me, this is not a CIA operation we’re talking about, but an actual patent by Google that describes a home automation system, that will suggest or automatically implement household policies on sensed observations. Think of it like that one time you wanted to buy shoes online, and after a few searches, all you could see were shoe ads everywhere. This new patent however, takes things to the next level, and con...

October 18, 2018

A lone ranger has found a massive loophole in what was called the hottest legal battle of the past decade.  Earlier this year, Uber received a massive setback, after they were obliged to fork out a hefty $245 million, in order to settle their year long legal battle with Alphabet’s subsidiary Waymo. The tussle began in February 2017, when Waymo sued Uber on grounds of using its trade secrets, related to LiDAR technology, which is implemented in most of the self driving cars we see today.

Three former employees of another Alphabet subsidiary, Google, are held responsible for leaking valuable information to Uber when they went on to work for Otto, an Uber subsidiary t...

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