WiGig: Patents and Perspectives

In 2009, Wireless Gigabit Alliance announced its intentions to create a new high-speed wireless standard called WiGig that marks a new chapter in the history of wireless communication technologies. It is designed to promote significantly faster speed for wireless network connections and can be thought of as a novel alternative to the Wi-Fi to encourage faster internet speeds. WiGig began as an independent development effort but is now managed and developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. WiGig has been standardized as the IEEE 802.11ad standard. WiGig is a relatively new wireless technology that operates in the 60 GHz spectrum – versus 2.4 GHz (802.11b, g n) and 5 GHz (802.11n, ac) – which has both m

Freedom To Operate: A technical insurance against patent infringement claims

“Without Freedom, there is no Creation” - J. Krishnamurti An innovation is useful only if there is freedom to test, market, or sell product or service utilizing that innovation. An enterprise with even the most innovative product may be laden with technology risks in the form of existing intellectual property in the market which may need to be licensed or circumvented. Such risks often culminate in the form IP infringement disputes (if the technology is already patented by another party, firm or individual) – sometimes even before the company earns revenue from the breakthrough product. A Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis allows companies to avoid the above risks by analysing the government

Understanding Source Code Quality and Design Quality During Technology M&A

With thousands of transactions and billions of dollars spent on technology mergers and acquisitions (M&A) every year, buyers must protect their investments by conducting due diligence. M&A due diligence allows acquirers to do three important things: Confirm the premises of the deal Gather information to plan the integration Identify unknown risks When considering an acquisition, a buyer will first amass information about the target company and formulate an investment thesis. Then, the buyer would perform due diligence to integrate the target into their operation, within a predetermined window of time as agreed upon between the buyer and the target company. The buyer must figure out how the t

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