Patenting their Newfangled Spider-man : Sony

What’s being called as the greatest animation film of all time, the new spider-man movie is definitely setting new standards in Hollywood Town. In fact, the movie visuals are so extraordinary that Sony actually went forward and filed a patent, protecting the animation process and technologies used to produce Spider-Man : Into the Spider-Verse. The film’s distinctive visual achievement brings back the storytelling that was depicted in Vintage Marvel Comics. The movie showcases the use of various old school animation techniques including Ben-Day dots, thought balloons, panels, written sound effects and deliberate alignment flaws in color separation. This whole concept of using retro style ani

Swiss Institutes Outmatch Oxford and Stanford in Patent Quality

A recent analysis brings to us that Swiss research institutes have transcended Oxford and Stanford in terms of patent quality, putting Switzerland in 3rd position globally. 17 technology fields were assessed, out of which a total of 671 Swiss patents were analyzed. The international comparison included ten institutions ranked among the world leaders in research. The analysis was commissioned by the domain of the Swiss Federal institutes of technology (ETH domain) and carried out by BAK economics. The results reflected that a third of the total patents produced by the ETH domain constituted the top 10% of internationally ranked patents in their field. The analysis was based on 2 main criteria

The future is transparent - Sony's New Smartphone Patent

Remember when people used to carry cell phones the size of bricks? This is around the time when instead being an economic necessity, the cell phones only served a singular purpose - calling. Let’s quickly go through some of the key milestones ( focusing on the basic embodiment) that helped shape what would now be referred to as man’s most loved invention. 1973 - The first ever phone call was made by Doctor Martin Cooper, a Motorola employee in New York using a prototype Dyna TAC phone. This phone however, wasn’t just another one of your accessories you could carry around in your pocket. It weighed more than a kilogram, and took 10 hours to charge. 1983 - The first mobile is launched in the m

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