iPhones Shouldn't Be Banned from Sale, says ITC

The recent update on the Apple-Qualcomm legal dispute comes with Qualcomm’s appeal for the import ban of some iPhones getting denied. Apple primarily is facing this lawsuit against those iPhones that contain chips made by Intel corp, which Qualcomm believes, infringes on its patents. What makes this decision so interesting is that even though it was declared that Apple did in fact infringe on one of three patents discussed in the case, Judge Pender took the high road here and decided to favour Apple instead. He highlighted that it was the “public interest factor” that outweighed Qualcomm’s request for a ban, and led him to make this decision. The Judge’s decision is yet to be reviewed by th

The bystander who rattled the Waymo-Uber settlement.

A lone ranger has found a massive loophole in what was called the hottest legal battle of the past decade. Earlier this year, Uber received a massive setback, after they were obliged to fork out a hefty $245 million, in order to settle their year long legal battle with Alphabet’s subsidiary Waymo. The tussle began in February 2017, when Waymo sued Uber on grounds of using its trade secrets, related to LiDAR technology, which is implemented in most of the self driving cars we see today. Three former employees of another Alphabet subsidiary, Google, are held responsible for leaking valuable information to Uber when they went on to work for Otto, an Uber subsidiary that specializes in self-dri

Apple's New Patent Will Keep The Spammer's Away

It’s quite aggravating, having to run across the room to address a ringing phone, just to find out that it was actually a spam call. 4.5 billion spam calls were made in June 2018, which is nearly 18 spam calls per person. It’s not hard to figure out why spam calls may have ranked top in the number of complaints filed to the Federal Trade Commission in 2017. A grand total of 7,157,370 complaints were made against robocalls and telemarketers. Looking at these numbers it’s evident that the users aren’t happy but thankfully, Apple gets that. (source) The iPhone maker has come up with a new software patent, that could help cancel out robocalls and spams, and notify the users for “a spoofing calle

Facebook and other social networks face infringement charges over GPS based patents

In retrospect of the innumerous lawsuits Facebook has been combating since the past decade, it seems that they should buckle up even further, for the ride’s about to get bumpier. Facebook, along with its subsidiary Instagram, and two other social media companies namely Snap inc. and Foursquares Lab inc. will be facing a lawsuit on grounds of patent infringement. The plaintiff Corrino Holdings LLC, is a non practicing entity with connections to IP Valuation Partners. After forming the company in December, Corrino holdings had acquired the asserted patents from Intellectual Ventures in June. The Patents in question describes technology that revolves around Global Positioning System and its app

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