Sony's new patent claims to solve VR sickness.

Virtual Reality has come a long way - From merely being a technology for the future, to actually experiencing it at your disposal. Until recent years, the concept was said to be way out of reach for the kind of graphical capabilities required for it. Of course, there were high end computers optimized for it, but they were very costly, so everyone couldn’t get their hands on it. But with the popularization of VR headsets, the dream of living in virtual reality didn’t seem so far fetched. One such console was the Playstation VR. When Sony took a leap into this domain, they had a lot of expectations to meet. Oculus and HTC/Valve were already at the top of their game with their products Rift

Amazon's patent that puts workers in cages.

The key to run a successful business, if you ask the big players, they’ll tell you, resides in how nice and friendly of a work environment you’re able to create for the employees. Well, most of them. Amazon is one company that differs from this methodology completely. The no-retreat no-surrender work culture that it instills in its employees have had the company wrapped up in controversies for the good part of their existence. Bob Olson, a former Amazon Books Marketing employee, said that "nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk." (source) However, the latest news regarding the Company’s intentions to make their employees work in cages, seems drastic even for Amazon sta

Tesla Awarded Brand New Battery Patent

Tesla’s long run with Panasonic’s 18650 cells came to a halt recently with the launch of their new model 3, that packed the next generation 2170 cells (21mm width, 70mm height). According to experts, this new battery pack was no less than an engineering marvel, that contained 30 – 33% more energy when compared with previous generation 18650 cells. In general, the company has always had contrasting ideas to the other big players in the industry, concerning the batteries used in their cars. Most companies when it comes to deciding the parameters for their car batteries, usually go in for hundreds of large format cells. Tesla on the other hand uses cells that are smaller in size, but comparativ

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