Apple and Samsung Bury the Hatchet, Finally!

What once seemed to be a series of relentless bickering, smartphone giants Apple and Samsung finally reached a settlement on June 29, 2018. Although terms for the agreement have not been disclosed, it is quite apparent that both the parties had had enough mutual drama, in and out of the courtroom. When Apple filed its first lawsuit against Samsung back in 2011, the news set off alarms because Samsung at the time was a major component in Apple’s supply chain, which manufactured everything from DRAM and SSDs for MacBook Pros to the A4 and A5 processors in the iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV, and iPad. In its complaint, Apple said “Instead of pursuing independent product development, Samsung has c

Opinions: Bridge the Real Gap between Academics and Industry

With hiring at Copperpod IP's in full swing for our India office, I've come across the phrase "bridge the gap between academia and industry" on almost a daily basis. The gap no doubt has plagued the Indian education system for decades - but practically speaking, it’s a gap that will perhaps never be bridged. Academic research is this huge elephant that needs to be fed and washed for years, while industry runs like horses on the battlefield. An elephant will definitely change the course of a battle but by the time it will reach the battlefront, the battle has usually moved ahead. In real world terms (not that elephants and horses aren’t real), the industry innovates on a breaking neck speed,

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