Decoding Apple Pay

With the latest update of iOS, Apple has started following a rather ‘intrusive’ policy in getting their customers on board their Apple Pay platform. Apple hopes to bring its current $28B Apple Pay business to $40B by the end of fiscal year 2020. A recent study reveals that digital payments are expected to hit $726B by 2020. Although a majority of Americans still prefer carrying the good old stash of cash, with more and more options available for making the switch to digital payments easier, the adoption of cashless transactions is on a steady rise. In 2008, Apple took the mobile industry by surprise with a patent application that talked about the use of a fingerprint sensor embedded into a m

Opinions: Blaming Facebook for data leak is easy but wrong

With majority of news channels and other media largely targeting and blaming Facebook for the entire scandal, it isn’t really unwise to talk about the other side of the story. Facebook continues to insist that all the data that was ‘inappropriately’ used to collected from the users with their explicit consent. Kogan’s app “thisisyourdigitallife” was launched as his personal project and Facebook users ‘willingly’ gave up their personal data to the app, not knowing what the consequences were going to be. Zuckerberg did argue that Cambridge Analytica was warned to delete all the inappropriately obtained user data and not to use it, but the blunder that they made was to think that this would be

Opinions: Facebook subverted democracy

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal has put billions of Facebook users into deep concern on the issues of data privacy and security, given the enormous potential that lies in the data, and given that they are living in the so called Data-era wherein everything from a company’s Business model to data-hungry ML algorithms used in variety of fields from predictive analyses to deep learning techniques depends on user data sets and patterns as raw input to bring out commercially remunerative outcomes for businesses and a personalised experience for the users. Let’s have a brief recap of the scandal that took a major share of the news for the past month, caused Facebook’s stock to plumme

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